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Intriguing possibilities

I’ve been using this app for several months now. Maybe a year. I started using it on my iPad to store clip files for drawing assignments. The Mac app is handy but lately the app has stopped ‘quitting’ when you try and quit it on the MAc (running most recent system software). This has happened since the last update so I think it has something to do with synch services. Other than that, it’s a great tool for an illustrator.

Love it!

This is the best app I’ve found for notetaking. The design is clean, simple and distraction free and the controls are very easy to figure out. Not only does this work well for my to-do lists and school notes but it’s also great for keeping my book ideas and novel and short story outlines organized. :D

New Update Problems

The newest update deleted almost half my notes (In my main notebook) and disorganized all of my notes and notebooks. If this is possible to fix, please fix it.

Good But Can,t Sign in !!!!

The Best Note for Business app,But since i Logout from My Mac Laptop, I could,t signing again at All?? It,s terrible I hope developer can solve this problem ..otherwise unfortunately i should ignore and check other software, i feel realy Disappointed since i send comment to the delovoper But not respond yet? i could,t check my note at All Regards M.ayache

Could be better

Sometimes Notebook does not sync immediately between iPad, iPhone to Mac (have to manually sync, which is odd). Lacking actual notebook organization features and font styling. Feels antiquated. As another reviewer stated, no pdf export option. Viewing and scrolling through 100 notecards (and notebooks) is not efficient and takes up too much time. The search feature does not always bring up the actual notecard I’m searching for. Notebook is just okay, it’s really another Apple Note product in a different skin.

There’s no PDF markup.

I really liked the app but i had to uninstall it becouse there’s no PDF markup function. That’s a crucial function specially for students.

so weird!!!

i downloaded this application a couple of years ago and now it is saying that i need to confirm my account. whenever i click okay to confirm my account, it takes me to the zoho website where it does not say how i can confirm my account. i created an email with them hoping that that would fix the issue but it did not work. i am quite frustrated because the pop up cannot be minimized or hidden away and now i am unable to delete or quit the app!! i feel trapped and have been living with this for a while. I do all of my work on my laptop and hoped that ths app would be a nice way to organize myself. i emailed an apple representative hoping to eventually fix this issue.

Cool app but lacks a key note-taking feature

I really like this app, it looks great and I love the idea of the different “Notebooks”. The only downside to this that keeps me from using it to take Notes for college lectures is the organizational paragraph styles that it lacks. Yes it does have bullet and number lists but what doesnt do it for me is that i cant Tab or indent such as you can in Apples Notes app or even Microsofts Word application - having this feature, I think is key for note taking as it makes Headings and sub-topics clearer and in general just keeps things a lot more cleaner and organized looking. If the devs can just add these features, it would definetly be complete for me :)

Very good, but not retina

I very much like this app, but it’s astounding to me that the app is still not retina compatible. You can clearly see pixels in the text and there are abberations in the color around text that look really bad. I’d also like to see an option to not list notes as post-it squares like is available in the iOS app. Other than that I’m very happy with the application.

Charge for this App and improve it

One of the loveliest notes app but feels unfinished. I think the developer should polish up this app and keep it updated and add features including editing tools. I love this app but get frustrated sometimes Please developer: Look at reviews and see how much people like this app but find it lacking. It does not have to be another evernote

Good app but definitely not an Evernote killer… or even close.

This is a good notebook app, however, it’s not even close to being as good as Evenote. It’s a simple notebook app that is very good at what it’s intended for. Evenote killer? Nope.


An application named 'Notebook' should allow more than five fonts. Period. There is no excuse. All you 5-star reviewers out there, what is wrong with you people?! Otherwise, very nice look and feel, features, etc. Beautiful. But a note editing application without font support is silly.

Worst Note App I have used

I downloaded this app to try and keep up with my college application usernames and password and now I have this annoying pop up that will not go away saying ‘Your account is not confirmed’. It wants to make some email account and pay a monthly subscription. This app is stupid.

A good app, but no sketching option or exporting

This is a great app, especially if you are into lots of eye-catching colors and big on organization. However, I LOVE to write my notes by hand as well as type, but the Mac version of this app doesn’t allow the sketching feature. To make matters worse, it shows the sketching option in the tutoral, which is misleading. I fumbled around quite a bit trying to find the sketch feature before I realized it was only available on mobile, which will keep me from using it as much as I would have liked. I do own an amazing tablet that really allows my handwriting to come out neat and natural. Also, the fact that you can’t export or backup your notes easily is also a huge problem for me. If these problems are dealt with, I’d personally say this could beat out just about every note-taking app in the store and I have tried many. As of right now, I’m really trying to love this app and waned to use it everyday, and a sketching and exporting option implemented on the Mac would bump this revew to five stars for sure and keep it on my dock.

Has the potential to be AMAZING!!!!

I’ve left Evernote because they left me first. So In searching for a replacement I was immediately drawn to the beautiful aesthetics of this app. Notebooks can have beautiful covers and you can design your own graphics and apply them to the netebook covers as well. The interface is very pleasing and the software has a very ZEN quality to it. You have a nice choice of coloring notes as well. The syncining is very fast considering I have over 100 notebooks that I imported from Evernote. It has a good Evernote import app that was recently added. That said there are a ton of functionailies that are still missing. For instance you can’t export your notes currently, in case you decide to no longer use the app. You can’t sort on the desktop version. You can only share one note. You can’t group notes. Your font selection is limited to one dedicated font you select in the preferences. The functionailites between iphone app and Mac version are not the same. So the choice is to wait patiently while these items are added to the app or find a different app to work with like One Note or Simple note. I’m just too addicted to the beauty of this app to give up on it - so I begrudgingly wait and it may take years. sigh…..

Love this app, but could use some features

This is the best note taking app I have used, but would love to see a highliter feature and view feature that is just the note, without the grayed out side of the main page. Screen relistate is tight on my computer and the extra space in the window is usless space.

Great App / One Change

Loving the app. I just wish I could turn off that status bar icon. Add that and it's pretty much perfect for me.

Aesthetically nice , but missing some important features

The app looks really nice. However, I would like to be able to change the color of font in my notes as well as change the text size. While this app looks better than Apple Notes, at the moment, Apple Notes still contains better features and is more useful.

Nice, but need more font choices

Please allow for any Mac font to be the default, not just the short list that is available!

Best Notetaking Right Now

I am floored by this application. I've heard of Zoho before, but never knew they made applications this high of quality. I have the Android and Mac apps and I have to say they are the most beautiful note taking apps with great execution of the basic features. Sure you can add things like calendar, collaboration and other things, but this is a great start and I will be using this exclusively for all my note taking and reminders!!

Simple, fast syncing, but missing some essential features

Notebook is simple and easy to use. I really like the fact that the ENITRE note is synced to the Apple watch App, not just the first part if its a long one. It also syncs fast and promptly between Apple Watch and iPhone, as well as between different devices over the internet. However, I would love to see a list view. The large tiles are good if you have a few notes, but once you have more than 15 it's a bit hard to find what you want and can disrupt one’s concentration. On the iPhone app there is an option to choose a list view. I think it’s a serious design flaw not to include such an option on the Mac version. Also, the ability to add tables would be a welcome feature. You can artifically make them by creating a table in Apple’s Notes or another App and then copy/paste it into Notebook. However, once pasted you cant edit so it’s hardly a feasable option for any notetaker who uses tables on even a occasional basis.

Not Ready for Prime Time

Perhaps if you only have a limite number of notes to organize, this app might work, or, perhaps if you started from scratch and added notes as you needed them, then this app might be worth considering. However, it’s lacking too many basic organizational features to be useful to someone having a large amount of notes, and/or anyone who needs to perform a large amount of organization on existing notes. You can import from Evernote, but not easily. Each notebook needs to be exported separately, which forces you to take a lot of time in order to do the import. Also, several files/images weren’t imported. There’s no way to know, unless you contact support (seriously?). The card view is nice, but not when you have tens, let alone hundreds, of notes. In this case, a list view would be better. Notes with media are sort of a pain. You can’t move images to a new location. You’re limited on file size. Animated GIFs are stored elsewhere, rather inline with the text. There’s no way to unlink text or an image. Thus you’re forced to keep them or retype or repaste the image. And, since pasted images are forced to the bottom, you’ll never get the document to look the way you want it. There are other issues here, but I’m stopping use of the app, as it is not a replacement for Evernote, unless, perhaps, you don’t really use Evernote.

Great use for multiple, unrelates notes

Great app! You can create separate notebooks for topics and keep track of meetings efficiently. Couple recommendations: ability to change the font size (it’s currently too large) and ability to search/find (helpful with going back in work meetings and finding answers)


This is a great app and really makes taking notes in school a lot easier. One recommendation I have for the company (if you’re reading this) is to add colors and fonts. If you right click one highlighted text you can change the font, but it doesn’t save like that. Please fix this and make changing color of the text avalible, it would really make this app even more fun.

Best App for Notes- And I Promise, I’ve Tested A LOT

Wonderful app for taking notes. Wonderfully organized, you can create notebooks for each topic or subtopic even if one desired and as a means of knowing each journal upon looking at it, you can use pre-created imagery for the cover of individual journals or you can upload your own. I love One Note but it has become increasingly frustrating since it became associated with the limitations of microsofts failed “one drive”- I wish Mac had an equivilent to one note as it does for the majority of the word suite. But, as of now, this is the best one I’ve yet to use and I think I am done searching unless a flaw appears. And trust me; I’ve tried A LOT of apps for note taking as research and notes are a huge part of my daily life. This is a great deal; especially for FREE and no annoying hidden prices that I see. So thank you to the developers! I’d only ask for subsections to be added so that 1 journal can have many topics. If it has this and I’m missing it, please correct me :) Thank you!

Please add a “Draw” feature

Hello! I think your App is amazing, There are many features that I enjoy with the app I just wish that it had a “drawing” feature for instance sometimes, in my lectures, diagrams are drawn out on the white board and it would be awesome to be able to draw these and keep them with the rest of the information that I’m inserting into the note. Such as in microsoft word or pages where we can insert a “Freeform drawing”

Wonderful Evernote Killer! A+

First, please give us a subued interface option, such as a dark interface. I don’t mind if its dark indigo, black, burnt espresso lol, just please offer a softer UI color than hard white. I would appreciate it as a professional software engineer. Most AAA applications offer dark interfaces such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite, etc. Next, this is such a huge step up over Evernote, I feel bad mentioning the two in the same sentence. Evenote has lost its way a long time ago and thankfully Zoho has stepped in to give everyone a truly proper note-taking ecosystem. I love everything about it, and for everyone who mentions the minor bugs, Zoho will fix them. Just give them time, they seem to be very receptive and listening to their users. I hope they keep pushing because they have struck while the iron was hot. THey just need to continue capatilizing on making an even more refiend product and I truly believe each iteration we see will be more intuitive than the last.

It is ok for what it offers but some basics are sadly missing

It's an ok app for what it offers, although what it offers is very basic- you can't change fonts, for example. I just installed it and will have to improvise when I need a different font by switching to bold or italic or whatnot. I see that as a limitation that shouldn't have been there. Integration of hand-wriiten notes into typed text also sloppy. Haven't tried audio notes, but that's not what I got this app for. Syncing accross devices works, and that's a major plus- I am writing notes on both my Mac and on my Android device. No need to wrestle with iCloud. What I also like about this app is the option of organizing notes into notebooks- or keeping certain notes unbound to notebooks.

Poor (or non-existent) Customer Service

I have been unable to SYNC notes across my iPhone, 2 iPads, 2 MacBooks all from my desktop iMac products. So immediately after I got this app (or whatever it is), I contacted Customer Support AS INSTRUCTED. First they appeared to have trouble understanding the issue, (it was a “unable to sync” what’s so difficult to understand?) then they asked, IN TWO SEPARATE EMAILS, security questions (the same ones). I emailed those answers back, and received ZERO response. I decided to try again with them one month later, and they asked me to answer those SAME questions AGAIN…this time, THREE times. So I’m rating this ONE STAR, but even that is too much. I really wanted to use NOTEBOOK too.

I Would Love It If It Had:

I love notebooks, but sadly I can’t use it for school because it needs an spellcheck and auto-correct while I type notes fast, resizing of images or illustrations, coloring text instead of just making it bold and italics, among other things. If it had that, I would have continued using it during my semester, but for now I will have to turn to Pages :’-( I really liked it.

Great app needs iCloud

I hate having to make another account to sync notes. I would have used this app if it had this feature.

I liked it at first

I like various features of Notebook. It accepts the most common files (docs, spreadsheet, jpgs, etc). I like the ability to make custome covers for the folders. It’s a nice layout. However, the deal breaker is the fact that the folders are constantly in random order. You can’t arrange them manually, nor will they sort out alphabetically. I’ve wasted so much time looking for the folder I want. I like products that save me time, not cost me more time.

Notebook App Revies

I absolutely love this app, its simple but very complete. I swiched from Evernote and this app is like a breath of fresh air, very colorful and packed with features. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Best Note Taking App!

NoteBook is the perfect app for anyone who is a content creator to keep track of information, thoughts and ideas. I would say nothing comes close to Notebook. I wish there would be one new feature added a way to exprot the audio from the notebooks to use in podcasts or other audio content, there is a work around to do it now but a simple export option would be great! As a podcaster and audio engineer/musician I love using Notebook for ideas but I would really like a export audio option to share music ideas with others when I’m using Notebook for songwriting!

Simple, yet effective!

Simple. Easy and beautiful user interface! Syncs universally across ALL devices. This app took my organization to a whole new level! I especially enjoy the audio record feature that allows you to take notes while recording. Also, this ties sketching into your mobile devices. I like this app because it is powerful and encompasses a lot of my note making needs. I ran into a small bug on my iMac where if the app is hidden and you try to use the menubar icon to add a note, it places the app window in a frozen state where I cannot click on anything: All menu items are grayed, as well. I have to quit and reopen for things to start working properly. No matter! I still love the app and will use this as my main note taker. Thank you for such a wonderful tool!


I absolutely LOVE Notebook. I have been looking so long for an app like this, and Notebook does it all. It syncs across all devices, allows organization of notes into different notebooks, has several different note formats, has password locking, and is elegantly designed. The many note formats is especially great: Simple text, image, audio, file attachment, sketching (on the mobile app), and the best part is you can combine many of these together in one text note. And the design is absolutely beautiful. It’s so minimal and clean and very elegant. That matters to me a lot because it helps my mind flow out its thougts much better. I just have two requests to make: 1) This is a small thing that I know the developers are continuously working on, but sometimes there are still some inconsistencies in syncing across devices. I’ll rename a notebook on my phone, but on my computer it made the notebook title become “Untitled”, but the new title still remains on my phone. There are a few other examples of syncing inconsistencies that were probably insignificant enough for me to not mind them. 2) PLEASE I would really really appreciate it if the developers could add different view options, so you can view your notes by date created. This is especially important to me because I like to use one of my notebooks as a journal, but they sometimes gett out of order if I edit old entries. Thank you so much to the devs for creating this application. I’d love to see what improvements there will be in the future.

Great app

Very nice, what I was looking for.

Needs Work

Syncing can be iffy and I wish they’d use iCloud instead of their own account. That makes me think since this is free they are trying to sell my email/information to a third party. Additionally, you cannot add more than 5 images to a photo card, which is quite odd. Hopefully the creators will work on these and other issues people have brought up. It’s a good start.

Good for my note taking needs

This app is a pleasant surprise for two main reasons. It offers multiple, customizable notebooks and its free. For simple note taking it is flexible: it has text, voice, list, photo, and attachment note types. Only the ios version has the draw note type though you can view it on the Mac version. Other nice features: • customizable notebook covers • synching with iOS version ( sometimes slow) • web capture on Mac through a Safari extension (page capture, link, screenshot, text notes, ability to drag specific images to a note) is very nice, though page capture did not load all the images • easily move notes between notebooks • versioning of notes Feature request: • larger notebook cover view • group notebooks • link notes • more fonts • Mac option to grid view notes within notebook as on ios version • faster syncing Very nice app. I look forward to the updates!

Flat Out No Longer Works

So, I’ve been using this app off and on for a few months now, and while it has had it’s issues (sync has been terrible since day 1, and spell check never worked for me), I kept with it because I liked the aesthetic and the options for voice notes. Version 2.01, and now 2.02, have broken what was otherwise a decent app. There’s now an icon in my menubar that does nothing, no matter how many times or in what fashion (regular click, secondary click, etc) I click on it. It’s annoying, but whatever. HOWEVER! Now, when I write a note, save it, close the app, and re=open it, there’s a better than 50% chance I will be unable to edit any text inside the note. No insertion cursor, no nothing. I tap keys and and nothing happens, even after deleting and re-installing the app. This basically makes this app about as useful as a windows .exe of Movie maker to me. Goodbye

Missing Menu Bar alt icon

The new update is great, I love the new Menu Bar app, but I noticed one thing, when I use the “dark” menu bar, the app icon remains black and its very hard to see. I suppose you guys forgot about it. Hope you fix it in the near future :)

Keep working

For now it is not so good as for other platforms (iOS, Android). Sometimes crashes, some issues with synchronization. Absent list mode for notes, absent integration with Share menu (the must-have feature for notes) and services, even drag&drop does not work - only copy&paste. But it is ok to have if you use it in majority of cases on other platforms, just for integration. I’m looking forward for next version, hoping it will be the same powerfull as for other platforms.

Sync problems- revert to old version of notes

Love the design and organization of the application, however my notes are constantly reverting to a previous version. I use their checklists for work, and the changing to an older version of my checklist results in lost time and lost tasks. I wish to keep using this application, but I will have to switch to another app soon if this is not fixed. This seems to happen after opening on another device. The other device has not properly sync’d, and then that old version becomes the version that everything reverts to.

Very pleasant app! Lots of potential!

This is a very aesthetically pleasing app and is pure and simple. I love it. Honestly, the only three features that Google Keep has over this app(which I hope they implement in this app) are the ability to write text in notes that have pictures or audio, just like the media is an addition inside of a text note, the ability to turn a return separated list of test into a checklist, and the ability to set date/time reminders or reminders based on location. But, for a new app, this shows lots of promise. The syncing between a phone and Mac is nearly instant. I would suggest calendar integration of some kind as well.

Beautiful but...

The app looks really well but there is some basic functionality missing. I’ll give you a couple of examples: you can’t paste pictures from your clipboard and sometimes when I drag and drop pictures in the notes, they are pasted in a different location than where I wanted; you can not tabulate; there are no sub-levels for your bullet points; there are only one font size and no way to add headings on the text. Keep up the good work, but I think I’ll wait some time before migrating to Zoho's Notebook.

Needs more polish

I like the visual refinement, picking covers, font choices. But the syncing has flaws (makes two notebooks, only one with a note in it), and it’s frustrating you cannot simply copy a note and edit the copy (for example, each week I make a Work List note with that week’s to dos; at the end of the week, anything I didn’t get done, I want to move to the next week’s list note. No simple way to do it, short of MOVE the note to another notebook, edit it there, then move it back.) I also need nested lists, and the ability to see list cards as lists, not just thumbnail view which looks like crap. The user interactions are executed in a mish-mash of mechanisms. Sometimes, it’s a gesture. Sometimes, you have to use a pull down menu (Actions. Isn’t everything an “action”)? I really want this app to work because I don’t want to pay Evernote to sync across more than 2 devices, and I like the visual simplicity, but it’s not quite there yet. Keep working on it Zoho.

Kindly Remove the Trashcan from the Touchbar

Love this app. It’s gorgeous and easy to use and organize notes. However, the trashcan icon is right next to the Bold Icon on the Touch Bar. I accidently hit that and deleted a semi-important note and there was no undo for a deleted note as far as I could find. So I would suggest a warning before deleting as well as a removal of the trashcan and this app is aces!

Like some others have said before, this app is going places.

Notebook makes notes of any kind too easy. You can use hand gestures on the touchpad or just use the pad to click on the items/pages/books. Using bullet points or numbers is seamlessly simple. It is missing a few items but i’m sure in due time there will be modifications and updates. It’s super lame how excited I was when I found this app. But I’m new to the Macbook world and I didn’t like where other Note taking apps were going. This was almost exactly what I was searching for. Anyways, keep up the great work Notebook!

Finally a decent notes app. Loving it!

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I’ve checked out at least 2 dozens of notes apps on the app store and I couldn’t believe there was nothing remotely usable. I pretty much started praying for someone smart to invent a cool one and my prayers have been answered. I have one single, super minor concern - why do numbers in the notes turn to hyperlinks or something? Anyway, that’s not important. I love, love this app and I can’t believe it’s free. I’ll definitely look into Zoho more closely. And people, don’t let this app go stale, please. I do hope it has a future. :)

Do not get this app

CAN I RATE THIS 0 STARS?? The app itself is nice and visually appealing but under the hood, it’s functionality is terrible and the sync service is even worse. I was working in the app not long ago and all of a sudden it deletes every single note I have. This has happened twice and the first time I thought it was a fluke, but I decided to keep using it. This time I am done for sure with this app. I heavily suggest to all of you never to get this app. Switch back to Evernote or something else. They might not be as visually appealing but at least you won’t lose all of your data. Did I mention there’s no way to recover or back up your data throught the app? Don’t even get me started on how you can’t add any files or anything to your notes. Save yourself a lot of pain and DO NOT GET THIS APP.

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